At Hugo, we believe every American driver should be able to afford their car insurance. But before we can insure every driver, we need to start with California. And before we start with all Californian drivers, we need to start with those that need insurance most: the uninsured.

So, to get a Hugo policy you need:

  • To live in the great state of California (and have a CA driver's license)
  • To currently be uninsured
  • To own your car (no leasing or financing)
  • To have your car's Vehicle ID Number (find it by following instructions here)
  • Your own cell phone (doesn't have to be a smartphone)
  • A debit or prepaid card with money on it

We now offer free SR-22s and can provide insurance even when your license is suspended. That way, you can get it unsuspended and get back on the road.

Some drivers may not qualify for our pay-as-you-go insurance, but we offer an incredibly competitive monthly policy as well, so you can still find affordable insurance!

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