It is very important that anyone who regularly drives your car is listed on your policy. The way we do that is by having them sign up for Hugo themselves - think about it! You wouldn't want to have to turn your insurance on and off whenever your partner, spouse, child, or friend leaves to drive the car. 

Much better for them to have their own Hugo account. They can even use the same payment card.

If people living with you aren't supposed to use your car, then it's important that they are excluded from your policy. 

Adding drivers and excluding drivers with Hugo is simple. In the account creation process, you'll be asked to add drivers. To add a driver, give us their email address and details and we'll contact them asking them to apply. To exclude a driver, provide their name and date of birth and we'll exclude them. 

If you've gotten your Hugo policy already but forgotten to add or exclude someone, just contact support at and say that you want to add or exclude someone. We will ask you a few questions about that driver, update your policy, and email you a link to new documents you need to sign.

You're all set. Simple!

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