The three big commands are: COVER (turns your insurance coverage on), PAUSE (turns your insurance coverage off, starting the next day) and BALANCE (tells you your current account balance).

You can also ask us questions, make comments (we always love to hear what you think of Hugo!), or tell us something interesting.

You can always text COMMAND and we will reply with a list of all the other commands you can message. Here are a few:

ACCIDENT. If you’re in an accident, text ACCIDENT to receive instructions on what to do next. If it’s a serious accident, call 911.

ADD. If you want to add money to your account, text ADD. We’ll respond with a list of options. Just select the number of days you want to purchase. We’ll confirm the number of days and the cost before charging you. Once confirmed, we’ll add the money to your account immediately using your payment card on file. You'll get a receipt in your email.

PROOF. If your insurance is turned on and you want to show someone all your insurance details, text PROOF and we’ll send them to you.

One thing NOT to text message: STOP. If you text STOP, you stop receiving messages from us altogether (and if your insurance was on, it stays on!). If you accidentally text STOP, text START to get our messages again. We know, this is really annoying! We’re working to fix it, we promise.

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