We’re a tight team of engineers, insurance geeks, data junkies, and community builders on a mission to make sustainable financial services that lift up all consumers.

We build cutting edge technology that makes insurance affordable, empowering millions of Americans to thrive no matter what life throws at them.

Our flagship product is Hugo, the world’s first pay as you drive liability insurance. Hugo gets rid of large upfront fees, delivering insurance for a small prepayment, and lets drivers pause their coverage whenever - all by text message

We spent a year listening to families in South and East LA talk about how much they relied on their cars to get to work, get their kids to school, run errands - basically, to live life. Many also spoke about the friends and family members who had gone into debt because they were forced to drive uninsured, were caught, lost their car (and their job) and had to pay an $800+ fine. 

When we talked about how they were uninsured, we heard that insurance was hard to afford because it was being sold in 3 month packages, with big agent fees, deposits, and penalties.

We built Hugo to try to fix that problem. We also partnered with members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Economics department to measure just how much Hugo helps uninsured drivers, so everyone can learn from what we've built.

We believe in a world where financial stability is achievable for every American, and with Hugo, we hope to build it.

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