Life happens and money gets tight. We understand. That’s why we give Hugo members 10 days to purchase more coverage, helping you stay covered through tough times. Here’s how it works. 

When you have one day of coverage left in your account, we’ll text you a reminder that your balance is low. You can text ADD, to purchase more insurance. Or you can text PAUSE to turn your insurance off. We will not bill your account on days when your insurance is off (but you won't be covered, so don't drive when your insurance is off).  

If you need to keep your insurance on, but you can’t afford to add money to your account, we’ll pay for your insurance for up to 10 days - giving you more time to get back on your feet. After 10 days, if you still can’t pay, unfortunately we’ll have to cancel your insurance policy. To stick with Hugo, just repay us for the days you were late and add money to your account. 

We never, ever charge late payment fees (or interest on the days that we’ve covered you). Simple! 

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